Holiday Booked!

Since I’m off to Shanghai to deliver at a conference in July – super exciting by the way – I decided to shorten this trip and lengthen that one a touch. I’m flying in and out of Bangkok, for a grand two week adventure of Thailand! I’m going to try and do a quick jaunt over to Siem Reap in Cambodia to check out the temples at Angkor, but the general gist of my trip is going to split into three parts:

1) City/Bustle: Bangkok

2) Culture/Wow: Siem Reap or Chiang Mai

3) Beach/Relax: Krabi or Koh Samui

I seem to like splitting things into threes…

Not sure if I’ll take any major devices with me (maybe just my Kindle so I can read on planes/trains) but I’ll take a notebook (like, one made out of paper) and jot notes from time to time.

So pumped! Now to check for accommodation and to try and decide which beach to hit while I’m over there.


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