I get by…

Just had dinner with two of my old Lindt workmates. It was a beautiful event, great food, flowing wine (but not too much) and fantastic camaraderie.

Saw another old friend while we were eating and the plan is for us to catch up too. Also, my oldest friend (longest standing friend – I have friends much older than my parents) just got in touch because she bumped into my Dad. She wants to catch up the day my PhD starts, which is cool except she lives interstate..

The point here is that I put my life on hold while I was doing my Honours, but without the wonderful folk that love me for me, I wouldn’t be who and where I am. It sounds corny/cheesy/hashed to death, but without them I am pretty empty.

So, the question becomes “how to fit life and study into a cohesive whole?”, especially because I’m not taking a year between drinks this time – and this venture is a yard glass compared to the shot of 2013.

Any help appreciated, especially from those that help me get by…


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