He ain’t heavy…

The last couple of days, I feel like my brother-housemate has been in a bad place. I train (personal fitness style) with him, and when that’s happening all is well, but he just seems down otherwise.

I’m training with him tomorrow morning and then we’re off to have lunch, out of the house for something different. It feels funny though. Sometimes he hits bad patches, but they normally only hang around for a day or two.

I had a rough night at work myself, and I feel like its time I look for a new job, only I’m going away for a fortnight – and I just finished booking all of my accommodation – which might turn everything around, for me at least.

The thing is, bad vibes are infectious, like good vibes only much more insidious. Sometimes all it takes is an open ear and a good meal to get rid of them. Other times, a holiday is absolutely necessary. My brother is too out of pocket for the latter, but if I can offer the former, perhaps that’ll clear some of the air, maybe even give me a head start on my holiday knowing I’m leaving him in a better place while I’m away. Plus he’ll have the place to himself for a while before we both resume study, so if he’s anything like me (and he is) he’ll put it to excellent use!

The real message here is that it takes very little effort to turn bad vibes good, and the faster you can recognise the signs and act upon them, the faster everyone benefits. Especially when the people emitting the vibes profoundly effect those around them.

My brother and I have huge personalities, so people are impacted whether they like it or not, whether we like it or not. The solution is simple. I read somewhere that responsibility is like a mountain, while death is like a feather. Morbid, but true. Sure, the lad weighs in at almost one hundred kegs, but really, he ain’t heavy at all – he’s my brother. And that is a weight I’m happy to move anytime, because when he’s up, he can move mountains.


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