I was talking to a friend of mine at work, and she was telling me about her success with the opposite sex. We’re good friends and very similar in many ways, and we established a shared pattern in the way we ‘find’ partners.

Essentially, we are either off or on. By this I mean that we as individuals are who we are unceasingly, but there are times where we are inundated with prospective partners and other times where no options – reasonable or otherwise – present.

Currently I’m in the flood zone. Most people wouldn’t complain about this particular phenomenon, but it has its own unique drawbacks depending on situation. I’m about to commence a PhD, which at once ties me to a place, but also opens my travel capacity. I also just hit thirty, and as much as I prentend to be twenty, some of the things offered by adulthood (settling down, kids?) are beginning to look very appealing.

For me, this whole aging thing is quite odd. I’m fitter than I have been possibly ever, partying less often, and I have a concrete (feasible) career goal, and yet I’m still assailed with the usual mating/partnership stuff. Hopefully this holiday will provide some solidification of what the next few years have to offer.

I’m not naïve enough to think that the rest of my life will be mapped out from all of this – especially since I’ve had six solid yet interweaving careers and three full-blown near-marital relationships over the last decade alone – but suffice to say, I’m more aware of the ebb and flow of my own life pattern, and less lonely in the knowledge that at least one of my close friends experiences life similarly.

For now, I’ll enjoy the flood – this time with my head above the water..


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