Beginnings (in miniature)

So, having been to a few lectures and such, I’m pleasantly surprised to realise that this PhD journey begins in a place I’m oddly comfortable with – the beginning.

My practice emerged from a need to be different, or perhaps just simply an innate difference between myself and mine. Mum told me so many stories about myself as a child, and how my behaviour never met with the expectations of my immediate and extended family. Dad just put me into new places with new people and laughed at what happened.

I spent the next many years of my life trying as hard as I could to escape that aspect of what I was/am/will be. I am a performer. That isn’t just relegated to my uncanny ability to entertain those around me – regardless of who they might be -, but also to how I act (not just performatively). I like to do things well, and I really like to exceed expectations – especially my own.

I like to be challenged, and this environment is perfect. I often lose interest or focus because I pick stuff/concepts/objects up really easily and make them do things people (apparently) don’t expect, but are really obvious to me. To be part of a community of people that are similar – and more importantly, question why they are so – makes me happy beyond belief. Sure I’m currently lying on my back in sleepwear covered with space-monkeys eating nuts and watching lame reality TV, but now I have a distraction. I got tired of being a performing monkey pretty fast, but I didn’t get tired of performing. Now I get to do it my way but for our benefit – just what I’ve always wanted.

Anyhow, I’m clearly tired (this post degenerated quickly) so back to the lame TV and off to sleep.

Just proof (hopefully) that a beginning need not be the best of first impressions. The journey is the main bit!


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