When to write

Not at the end of the night. After blogging here last night I jumped into Scrivener, opened a new document and began writing on the empty page. I have a daily target of 250 words, and a I wrote 700.

I couldn’t keep track of where I was going. Ideas would hit and I’d just roll with them, all the while knowing I was losing something along the way. I think as well as writing a little later than I should, it has been a while since being in the habit of writing so I’m more likely to just chase stuff down. Plus I’m at the start of a very big project so I have loads of competing ideas and no real focus.

When to write? Whenever you can. But for me, it works better when daylight exists. When to read? Morning or evening – and not with a TV show on in the background.

But today is not the time to write, as I’m off to see Nine Inch Nails and Queens of the Stone Age tonight!! I’ll have more to write about tomorrow instead.


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