Sleep, and lack thereof…

So I went to bed last night at a theoretically reasonable hour. I read (for pleasure) for a while and eventually I fell asleep.

I slept terribly and I woke early. Even though I’ve been doing all the right things (readings, writing, planning, minimising drinking), I still had an awful rest.

Interestingly enough, when I woke up, I read only a single chapter from the non-academic book I’m reading before opening Scrivener and writing 1400 new words. I quickly proceeded to set up a Podio group for an outside venture (I’ll be teaching a few workshops on the topic of “Persona” – my contribution will essentially be around non-acting, performing self and mediated performance), make a decent breakfast and do a bit of reading about phenomenology – specifically Emmanuel Levinas and Mikhail Bakhtin – and theatrical evolution – Sophocles, Shakespeare and Jarry. I rolled out to get a coffee and ended up with a fistful of beers instead.

Now I know alcohol is an awful sleep aid, but it is useful for putting one to sleep. I figure if I can knock myself out for an afternoon nap, I’ll burn it off in the sleeping before being able to put some more work down tonight and having a real sleep. I figure if I can sleep for around 90 minutes near twilight, I’ll awake with renewed vigour until my natural sleep cycle reappears.

This isn’t something I’ll need to contend with once I meet my Supervisor. It is, however, a real problem in the interim. My mind is orderly and all, but there is a lot that needs taking care of and much of it has to do with my University situation. The idea here is to imbibe in my interim addictions (drinking, passive procrastination – thank you Helen Varley Jamieson) before addressing the real stuff that takes up space. Once this meeting is out of the way, I’ll be floating. And by floating I mean I’ll have locked down exactly what needs to be addressed complete with some sort of order in which to attack it.

On a positive (and active) note, I have managed to write a surprising amount of material without totally excluding theorists, which is very unlike me. I haven’t garnered exact quotes, but I have managed to put a general thread of where I’m heading in amongst the writing.

On a bonus note, I’ve also managed to clarify a little more about my prior research, it’s injection into my current trajectory and how I might reformulate and re-appropriate my Honours paper into the short form for the conference I’m to attend in a few months. It isn’t exact, but it is on the path.

I can feel that I’m on a journey, and not just a wild ride that could end up anywhere, but one that has, like a vector, a distinct beginning and end. Like a vector, those points might be realigned later, but for now it is a very positive way to work – and to feel.

Anyhow, I best be off. I wouldn’t mind a little more food before attacking sleep (could I be less physically healthy right now?) and a bathroom break would also be of use. Plus there is a repeat of “Who’s Line Is It Anyway?”, quite a staple of improvisational performers out there, particularly those with a television and a tendency to procrastinate..

Sweet daytime dreams.



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