Yesterday I woke up a little under the weather and cancelled an appointment because of it.

However, rather than lay in bed, I used the time to work on a bunch of other stuff I had due. I was so productive that I’m a week ahead of my Uni coursework, all my external work is up to date and I even managed to read a few articles before retreating to my current novel. I also arranged to meet a potential secondary supervisor. Here’s hoping!

In her Masters Thesis, Helen Varley Jamieson calls this active procrastination. The gist is that avoiding one thing can be productive in other ways. Even though I was genuinely unwell, I felt so bad about missing my appointment that I overworked elsewhere to compensate. I did so much yesterday that I slept like a baby and woke up truly fresh, fresh enough to go to the gym and destroy myself (in a good way, although my lower back currently says otherwise).

There is still much to do but the odd, active sickie can be a force for good.


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