I’m writing a paper for a conference. Its based almost exclusively on my Honours research, but while I was writing I came up with this really neat idea I hadn’t thought of.

I figured that the fourth wall was pretty much dead beyond a stable setting, but when two people are, let’s say, having coffee – and one gets a mobile interruption – BAM! Fourth wall.

The person on the phone is all “Sorry mate – I just have to take this call.” and in a heartbeat it becomes a fourth wall setting. One guy is one the phone doing his thing and the other guy is left there without any real capacity to do anything about it (if he adheres to general manners), mute, voyeuristic.

So simple. So overlooked by me previously, maybe because I was more focussed on the grand new media scheme and less on just plain mobile media, or maybe for a whole other series of reasons.

Anyhow, as sweet as that little titbit is, the post was actually supposed to be about doubling the expected time it takes to write anything – especially if most of it already exists in some way.

I’d put aside four days to write this paper, but truthfully it will take twice that long. I’m doing it now so that I’ll have a few weeks to not stress about it – which means I’ll have some time to work on my actual PhD before I take off and also be off the hook when (if?) the chair of my panel asks for my material prior to presentation – and prepare it in case of epic technical mishap.

But, yeah, eight days is more like it. I figure that isn’t too bad since I’m new to this and my Supervisors are absent and AWOL respectively.

But its also pretty neat that this post doubles as a secondary investigation on the fourth wall.

(4×2)2 really…


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