Mooning About..

So 4×2 might actually be (4×2)+n, where n=the number of non-working days in between. As in today I did stuff-all.

I don’t feel particularly bad about it except for that lingering feeling that comes about when something weighs on your mind because its incomplete.

Which means I don’t feel great, because I hate that feeling. The problem is, I’ve come to realise, that this is part and parcel of process. According to my new favourite psuedo-academic writer/media ecologist – Douglass Rushkoff – is that this pattern is totally natural and may even be linked to lunar cycles.

That surprises me very little. My entire close family is heavily influenced by lunar activity. None of us sleep around full-moon time, but I haven’t really looked at what happens during the rest of the month. I’ve a sneaking suspicion the shoe will fit.

I also have a habit of doing a bunch of work and taking a break before I actually finish it off. This pattern appears both in a single session and across larger blocks. For instance, I might write a chunk, start the next bit, hit a really cool idea or sentence and immediately get up and go for a walk or a coffee. While I’m doing that I kind of tease out what might come next until I find another linking idea or passage and sit back down to start from there.

I’m thinking that this day off is the larger version, and I read a blog from some likely very clever girl about taking a few days between draft and edit. I already started on the edit and that’s why I’ve gone into hibernation. A day or two in lieu will hopefully charge my batteries for another session, with the fore knowledge that I’ve already started so I just need to knock it over.

My current working situation doesn’t exactly help either. I work long hospitality hours overall, but the rostering is totally unbalanced, which means I might be doing nights, possibly days or any combination of the above. Frequently, my working life does not line up with my academic one, which can either be totally frustrating or unexpectedly fruitful.

Once I’ve hammered out my current issues – conference paper, final presentation for my only class and grasping the bones of my new job at the Uni – I think I’ll pay closer attention to the moon and what I’m about to see if they line up, which neatly coincides with the end of the World Cup. If I fluke the grant I applied for, I mightn’t have to worry about it too much, which will conversely give me more time to look into it.

This is all so weird. I’m finally coming to terms with academia-as-work, but that makes me super-aware of my not-quite-there position. And how do I deal with this changing landscape?

I spend my spare time mooning about..


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