I did it again. Wrote this cracking post last night and deleted the fucker.

The gist was about how I have two kinds of work (group and solo) and how my overall performance arc doesn’t quite fit the mould of practice as research.


1) staged

2) solo

1 is group created but received more individually.

2 is solo created but received as a group.

I went on to talk about Media Ecologists and something to do with attack, sustain and decay. Something about us being in sustain phase and wanting to keep it there even though decay is clearly on the way. Something about media always being like this, but maybe theatre not so much.

I also was talking about absence in a present setting, and how theatre can exacerbate these feelings (TMWYRT). Also about why I might think this is what people feel, that may not be the case – individual affect varies. Perhaps the show might make people go straight to their mobiles for a quick comfort fix, or possibly prompt them to stay away from devices and just contemplate.

There was more about moments and archives, how digital favours retrieval over immediate and ephemeral, and also how tangibly writing something on a tangible thing commits the idea to memory better, perhaps because the thing might be lost or damaged beyond repair so the brain need be more engaged in the process, or the bodily sensation prompts more holistic engagement. Something about one offs vs repeatability and the difference in recall, which is funny consisting I deleted the post accidentally whereas of I’d written it down this would never have happened.

I also had stuff down about the how of my practice being less important than the results, like no one cares if I get my best ideas from stress and sleep deprivation and that I work stupid hours, because what I make from that comes in a much more palatable and shareable form. That my work style and schedule is horrific, but the result is beautiful and provocative and I just want people to share it in their own way. That I hate “recognition” and “networking”, except insofar as that they generate interesting dialogue. That I’m the most introverted extrovert around.

There was also the idea of sensory prioritisation, and how in a visually dominated world we have so many sight-related issues. Is it a product of the world, or a genetic mutation that has other benefits which have been masked by spectacles? Like, the theory is that blind people have keener remaining senses; what then of people with poor sight? Is everything else slightly heightened?

There was so much more and it was written so much better, but I have no paper and I’m scrambling through my memory so it’ll have to remain a dump at this point.

Oops indeed..


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