Love calls, hate phones

Today took an unexpected turn. I woke up early and went out for coffee. A thought landed. It stuck.

I sat down to write and quickly decided I needed to change the order of things:

The overall progression




The specific progression




New Chapter Setup

Chapter 1 (Intermedia)
Embodying Media

Chapter 2 (Simondon)
Recurrent Causality

(Note for Chapter 2: Even upon the emergence (the Simondonian crystallisation) of the transindividual, this is a fleeting moment, quickly re-absorbed by the associated milieu, for not only is the individual in a constant state of becoming—her community is as well. Here I say community because that is the immediate milieu.

The theatre offers an excellent example (for Simondon, analogy) of this crystallisation at a community level. Consider the performer by way of disparition. Disparition is

Chapter 3 (Method/PBR)
Specialist as pre-transindividual

Chapter 4 (Body)

Chapter 5 (Voice)

Chapter 6 (Future/Memory)

After getting this much out, I received an email from my boss. The email turned into many emails, several edits of some flyers and my day of study became a day of work.

It was a real pain, because the fixes for work needed to be done TODAY, but it just happened to be the day I had some real mojo (now gone). If it had taken one hour there would’ve been no issue. Instead it took five, and I just committed to doing some more because my concentration was shot. I’ll use my “time in lieu” next week. At least that’s the hope.

The community/society thing was the clincher for me. If I look at the personal/specific progression, I can localise my investigation in a big way (or, a small way), which allows me to dig deeper into a specific sector, which I guess is ethnographic. This in turn offers a small group from which to then build outward, following a trend or two I isolate in the small group and seeing if that works elsewhere.

The voice one is pretty big (a) because I found it in my latest rehearsal and (b) because of some conversations with friends/strangers – 3 in one day – that all had a similar conclusion: apparently, people hate talking on the phone – but those that use the thing for talk hate the constant barrage of non-vocal input!

Anyway, I’m just fried right now so I’m going to hit the hay early and (hopefully) miss out on interruptions tomorrow. Funny how for me, a phone call is (usually) short, sharp and to the point while an email or a text just breeds more of the same…


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