Breaking up is hard to do

Just a quick one since it is a little late.

I’ve jumped on my new schedule, which is pretty strict. I’m eating better (quality and portion size), locking in at least two training sessions a week, restricting my working hours and filling the rest with study. I’ve given myself one day “off”, which actually serves as a study catch-up day.

Why? Because my RA job demands more time than I thought (a) because I’m a bit of a perfectionist and (b) because it hits at random intervals.

Don’t get me wrong – its a great job. I catch a lot of opportunities for conferences/papers as they come in (got a review out of it already); I socialise directly with all kinds of academics; I’m now a mean hand with web and graphic design and; it is really suited to me insofar as my memory, multitasking and odd hours go.

The problem is that even if I plan for the hours, they’re always wrong. I say 10 per week (more like 15) and some weeks might be more (like this one) and spread awkwardly across several days. At least my shitty barista job sticks to the timeframe.

Even that isn’t a huge issue to be honest. The real problem is that absolutely necessary work always lands just as I’m getting somewhere study-wise. I need to be available because that is part of my job, but it’s the one part that is least compatible with the rest of my life.

Venting over.


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