Not going to horn-toot too much, but after coming out of my Supervisor meeting I’m feeling pretty-pretty-pretty good.

I’ve always felt that I have a handle on the performance side. Apparently, according to Adam, in this regard I write like a virtuoso.

Let’s mull on that for a moment. Done.

What this means is that I need to bring everything else up to this level. The flip-side of the commentary is that my new media writing is basic in comparison, like an Honours thesis rather than a Doctorate.

Same deal. Done.

Already I’ve been looking over my writing and I’ve made the executive decision to move some things around – like my previous post on “Love calls, hate phones”. Larissa suggested I cut the whole thing in half (theory/practice) and I feel like this hits the nail.

Perhaps more than this, when I suggested my idea on “voicelessness”, the Giants looked at each other knowingly, exclaimed McLuhan (politely explained that McLuhan isn’t a bad thing nor is he a technological determinist), and took me into another place – which requires more reading/writing on my behalf – and went into the logistics more than anything else.

About twenty minutes into the session the Bosses informed me that I’m in a good spot. If we’re talking specifics rather than generalities, that means life is good – for all concerned. We also sorted out that while I am doing PBR/PLR (depending who you ask), a thesis is a very valid output.

I let my Managers know that I’ve been recording my rehearsal sessions and we all left in high spirits. The stress that has been building managed to dissipate in a big way, which means (since I had “leg day” at the gym) that I am exhausted, so tonight I’m going to eat a bunch of junk, read a book for fun and not set an alarm for tomorrow.

So I have until December 3 to get my Confirmation solid. Virtuosity is great, but if – like the great man – the critique comes back that there is no polyphony to support the solos, it’s all very one-dimensional.

Tonight is my pat on the back. Tomorrow, the work begins anew.


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