Orality and Literacy

Today I wasn’t really in the mood, so I did a bit of work stuff then decided to watch telly and tune out.

Instead, picked up my iPad and did what I do – went on Internet adventures – which led to Walter J. Ong.

The Supers’ returned me to McLuhan, so I jumped back on Wikipedia (which I must admit is an excellent starting point) and looked him up, mainly because I couldn’t find Jason Farman’s doctoral thesis. I saw a link to some guy who wasn’t in love with McLuhan without totally railing against him and I thought I’d take a look.

Good idea.

Probably helped that I spoke with my Mum (on the phone) this morning and we talked about what she’s doing – studying speech pathology. I told her about my little run-in with statistics in UK/AUS/US theatre attendance and smartphone ownership and she told me about speech pathology moving more into augmented communication territory and something in my mind started cooking.

So I’ve just started reading the book this post is titled after and a whole bunch of bits I’ve been thinking about are starting to thread together (slightly awkward because “text” is derived from “to weave”) which is why nine hours after I decided not to work I’m typing away surrounded by post-it notes and an envelope that looks more like Guy Pearce in Memento.

But that’s my brain done for tonight. Now to think of a way to present a thesis orally without necessarily making it linear. Take that rhetoric!


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