Best Laid..

A “functional” one to kick off the year.

I’ve met with my new Supervisor (who is actually my old secondary super). I’ve also met with my new Boss (who is actually my old primary super) and my old Boss (no changes here) and I’m about to finalise things with my cafe Boss (it’s been a while, so I think I switched non-RMIT jobs between the drought in posts) and I’ve come up with a pretty solid plan to keep things rolling this year.

PhD – between lunch and dinner, Monday to Thursday; all day Friday
DERC – Wednesday and Thursday mornings
LTM – Monday and Tuesday mornings

Pretty simple. I’ve allotted longer meal breaks than necessary so I can sacrifice half an hour from each over the course of the week and use that time to hit the gym. Healthy mind and all that. I need to wait for my trainer (my brother/housemate) to get his Uni timetable so that I can lock that in on a more regular basis.

I’m also not super fussed regarding the arrangement of DERC and LTM. If there’s nothing happening with one, I can fill the space with the other – like today for instance when I did DERC stuff instead.

The one weekday task I need to pinpoint is my PMP catch up time. They seem to like this really awkward time on Wednesdays, but if I could move it on to Friday that would be great. I keep thinking of it as something apart from my PhD, when in truth it is the heart of it.

Adam (my Super) and I are meeting alternate Wednesdays, which means I need to keep on my game a lot more than last year. He’s given me something to read, which means I need to take notes and chat to him about it. He’s also given me a bit of a direction, which gives me something to look forward to.

In the interest of sanity this kind of game plan really works for me. Organised. Victory. But what is really great is that each life-aspect overlaps in a good way.

LTM gets me interviewing, which I need to do for my PhD. It also involves ethnographic readings. Win.

DERC sees me compiling member’s works – and finding great articles in the process (more in another post to come). It also functions as a real networking hub – a word I hate, but a necessary evil, which seems less evil considering I actually have things to bring to the table.

PhD is not just my research, but a chance to understand what is necessary of me beyond the end point. If I balance everything out, I’ll hit the ground running afterward.

Big key was laying the foundations. I had a good honest talk with all three of my foundational points and things are looking positive. Also helps that the sporting season has finished (I can give or take, but when you’re brother is your housemate and your trainer and studying exercise, it’s hard to avoid) and that I used the break to reacquaint myself with some hobbies – mainly music – so I have little to do besides work, before play a bit of guitar to unwind.

Day One and I’m feeling like this is a good layout. Guitar is calling – and I’m guilt free! Best laid plans indeed..


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