…ten years ago, Josh Nettheim was doing a gig, dressed as a Satyr. After several young people commented on his remarkable resemblance to C.S. Lewis’ character “Mr Tumnus” – followed by Josh’s repeated assertions that he was not a Faun, but a Satyr (there is a difference) – Josh realised that performing as a clown at children’s parties probably wasn’t where his future lay…

A decade later, Josh is a PhD candidate in the School of Media and Communications at RMIT University, the same place he completed his (First Class) Honours. Prior to this, Josh undertook his Bachelor of Performing Arts at Monash University as well as getting part-way through a series of alternative study paths. Between and amongst degrees, Josh co-ran the Melbourne-based Grey Matters Productions (with fellow Monash Graduate Suzanne Stevens) but has since recused himself from the position in order to focus on his academic pursuits – although he does manage to perform from time-to-time nonetheless.

Josh’s current research falls in the messy place between live performance & mobile media and the equally messy area between creative practice & social sciences which (aside from the headaches associated with trying to “fit in”) over the last little while has seen him deliver a paper at the 20th Performance Studies International Conference, land a position at RMIT’s Digital Ethnography Research Centre and meet a lot of people happily struggling through similar ideas as his own.

All this has also prompted Josh’s latest enterprise – a blog in order to collect ideas, document work and occasionally promote himself in rather shameless fashion. Perhaps most importantly, this enterprise exists to be shared with you, because researching, clowning (or pretty much anything) works better with an audience – especially if they’re a little satyrical themselves…


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