Back in the house

So I’m back from holiday. I wrote a lot while I was away, but that is a mission unto itself, compiling, editing and throwing a few photos in.

In the meantime, I was rejected for my scholarship. I knew it would happen. Still hurt.

So I’ve started looking at other options for funding. I also have a conference to deliver at and a potential year away in Belgium for study – both of which require funding, so it’s time for me to start looking now.

I read an interesting blog about living through a PhD that had something about the Four Hour Work Week which looks pretty cool. It also gave me a few ideas about how to link my new-found love of travel with my increasing love of research.

Needless to say this sounds right up my alley, but I’m tired and I have some reading to do (professional and pleasurable alike.) so off to the couch. Sure it sounds like I’m being lazy, but I have a bunch of windows open with grants, timetables and other potential funding sources open to digest over a few days, and a book that is due back in about three..

So much catching up to do and getting ahead to attempt, but its nice to be back in the house.



I was talking to a friend of mine at work, and she was telling me about her success with the opposite sex. We’re good friends and very similar in many ways, and we established a shared pattern in the way we ‘find’ partners.

Essentially, we are either off or on. By this I mean that we as individuals are who we are unceasingly, but there are times where we are inundated with prospective partners and other times where no options – reasonable or otherwise – present.

Currently I’m in the flood zone. Most people wouldn’t complain about this particular phenomenon, but it has its own unique drawbacks depending on situation. I’m about to commence a PhD, which at once ties me to a place, but also opens my travel capacity. I also just hit thirty, and as much as I prentend to be twenty, some of the things offered by adulthood (settling down, kids?) are beginning to look very appealing.

For me, this whole aging thing is quite odd. I’m fitter than I have been possibly ever, partying less often, and I have a concrete (feasible) career goal, and yet I’m still assailed with the usual mating/partnership stuff. Hopefully this holiday will provide some solidification of what the next few years have to offer.

I’m not na├»ve enough to think that the rest of my life will be mapped out from all of this – especially since I’ve had six solid yet interweaving careers and three full-blown near-marital relationships over the last decade alone – but suffice to say, I’m more aware of the ebb and flow of my own life pattern, and less lonely in the knowledge that at least one of my close friends experiences life similarly.

For now, I’ll enjoy the flood – this time with my head above the water..

He ain’t heavy…

The last couple of days, I feel like my brother-housemate has been in a bad place. I train (personal fitness style) with him, and when that’s happening all is well, but he just seems down otherwise.

I’m training with him tomorrow morning and then we’re off to have lunch, out of the house for something different. It feels funny though. Sometimes he hits bad patches, but they normally only hang around for a day or two.

I had a rough night at work myself, and I feel like its time I look for a new job, only I’m going away for a fortnight – and I just finished booking all of my accommodation – which might turn everything around, for me at least.

The thing is, bad vibes are infectious, like good vibes only much more insidious. Sometimes all it takes is an open ear and a good meal to get rid of them. Other times, a holiday is absolutely necessary. My brother is too out of pocket for the latter, but if I can offer the former, perhaps that’ll clear some of the air, maybe even give me a head start on my holiday knowing I’m leaving him in a better place while I’m away. Plus he’ll have the place to himself for a while before we both resume study, so if he’s anything like me (and he is) he’ll put it to excellent use!

The real message here is that it takes very little effort to turn bad vibes good, and the faster you can recognise the signs and act upon them, the faster everyone benefits. Especially when the people emitting the vibes profoundly effect those around them.

My brother and I have huge personalities, so people are impacted whether they like it or not, whether we like it or not. The solution is simple. I read somewhere that responsibility is like a mountain, while death is like a feather. Morbid, but true. Sure, the lad weighs in at almost one hundred kegs, but really, he ain’t heavy at all – he’s my brother. And that is a weight I’m happy to move anytime, because when he’s up, he can move mountains.

I get by…

Just had dinner with two of my old Lindt workmates. It was a beautiful event, great food, flowing wine (but not too much) and fantastic camaraderie.

Saw another old friend while we were eating and the plan is for us to catch up too. Also, my oldest friend (longest standing friend – I have friends much older than my parents) just got in touch because she bumped into my Dad. She wants to catch up the day my PhD starts, which is cool except she lives interstate..

The point here is that I put my life on hold while I was doing my Honours, but without the wonderful folk that love me for me, I wouldn’t be who and where I am. It sounds corny/cheesy/hashed to death, but without them I am pretty empty.

So, the question becomes “how to fit life and study into a cohesive whole?”, especially because I’m not taking a year between drinks this time – and this venture is a yard glass compared to the shot of 2013.

Any help appreciated, especially from those that help me get by…

Holiday Booked!

Since I’m off to Shanghai to deliver at a conference in July – super exciting by the way – I decided to shorten this trip and lengthen that one a touch. I’m flying in and out of Bangkok, for a grand two week adventure of Thailand! I’m going to try and do a quick jaunt over to Siem Reap in Cambodia to check out the temples at Angkor, but the general gist of my trip is going to split into three parts:

1) City/Bustle: Bangkok

2) Culture/Wow: Siem Reap or Chiang Mai

3) Beach/Relax: Krabi or Koh Samui

I seem to like splitting things into threes…

Not sure if I’ll take any major devices with me (maybe just my Kindle so I can read on planes/trains) but I’ll take a notebook (like, one made out of paper) and jot notes from time to time.

So pumped! Now to check for accommodation and to try and decide which beach to hit while I’m over there.


I figured out a few more things for the site/blog (like how to add pictures and get them rotating) which is nice.

Also over a quarter of the way through my current book.

Now to book Thailand.

But before that, since the weather is nice and I have the day off, I’ve been getting into playing basketball with my brother. Off to shoot some hoops!

Still rubbish at technology

So here’s the first one for the new look, new purpose blog.

I decided to go for WordPress this time around. Looks pretty cool but I can’t seem to figure out how to make my sweet design changes kick in yet.

Oh well! I’ve got about two months to figure it out – before the PhD starts.

My plans before study begins are pretty simple:

1) Spend a few weeks overseas (Thailand most likely)

2) Finish reading the Wheel of Time books (less than 2 to go)

3) Get this WordPress thing working

I’ll keep you all posted on how I go. I’m hungry, so enough of (3). Off to grab a feed and start back at (2).